the hand sani.

the best ever, not bad smelling, non-stinging, super moisturizing hand sanitizer.

you won’t call this ‘cut finder’ because our hand sani doesn’t sting, and won’t give you hand dandruff. it’s got all the power to kill bacteria plus hyaluronic acid, it’ll keep your mani hydrated. 

kills harmful bacteria + germs with 70% usp-grade ethyl alcohol.

NPN 80097766

great stuff you should know.

x. medically formulated
x. kills harmful bacteria + germs 
    with 70% usp-grade ethyl alcohol
x. contains hyaluronic acid for micro moisturization 

to use.

adults and children 2 years and older: rub thoroughly into hands for at least 30 seconds. allow to dry. supervise children when they use this product.


medical ingredients:
ethyl alcohol (ethanol) / alcool éthylique(ethanol) 70% v/v

non-medicinal ingredients:
aqua/eau, carbomer/carbomère,isopropyl myristate/myristate d’isopropyle, hyaluronic acid/acide hyaluronique, aminomethyl propanol/amino-2-méthyl-2-propanol-1

after tab
comes in 2 sizes.
made for THE TEN SPOT®
by avaria

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